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A typical Day on an African Safari

So much has been written and been told about an African safari, the experience and the after experience however few have gone deep into detail about the day on an African safari. Africa is undeniably the most beautiful planet and this backed by the weather, the scenery, the geographical set up of the African scape.

How one would choose to describe an African safari entirely depends on their experience or on the stories they have been told or the documentaries they have encountered. One’s experience and knowledge of an African safari can not tell you everything about a safari so let us have a detailed narration about a day on an African safari.

When one says “African safari, they quickly think wildlife and yes Africa is the wildlife center but there are a number of ways of exploring this wildlife. One can opt to take on a safari game drive for the terrestrial game, take on a boat cruise for the aquatic life or even spice it up with a hot air balloon for an aerial view of the wildlife of the park.

Depending on your interests and the destination chosen, each day is taken by day and for one who chooses to take on a safari in a destination such as Murchison falls national park, you may chose include a hot air balloon in your visit to this park.

Hot air balloon safaris are offered in limited destinations but are very exciting options for your African safari. As colorful as the balloon may come off, you will need some pointers for this experience. These guidelines are shared on a briefing ahead of the activity and Serengeti national park is one of the best destinations for the hot air balloon.

A typical African safari differs from a typical day on an African safari and this writeup highlights a day in the African safari. So much could change basing on the weather, the destination, the choice of safari vehicle, the activity so one should be as flexible as possible.  

Let’s say it is the second day of your safari and you are waking up in your destination, you may receive a wakeup call from the lodge of stay if you requested so as to get up and freshen up for the day. Get showered and dress up according to the weather and the activity planned for as well. Before you meet up with your driver guide, grab a cup of coffee or order your breakfast as you wanted and enjoy it as time wishes.

The safari guide will then drive you to your next point and this will probably be the starting point of the day’s activity. If you are having a safari morning game drive, you will set out on the hunt however for the hot air balloon experience, you will connect to the briefing point and this will be at around 5 am. Once the assembling team is set and done with the routine checks, you will receive a briefing on the do’s, don’ts, expectations and how the activity works. This is when you will hop aboard the balloon. The pilot will set the fire that is meant to mix with the wind for the magic and up into the space you will go.

The weight is not a stability factor but you are assured of safety with the knowledgeable team. You will get to enjoy the aerial view of the Murchison falls national park, spot the game move freely without disturbance. The beauty of the hot air balloon, you will be able to spot both the animals on land as well those in the water.

Enjoy the hippos asking on the banks of the Nile as well as the crocodiles, spot the Rothschild giraffes, elephants, antelopes of different types and this is a 1 hour experience. You will end the hot air balloon experience with a certificate as a souvenir for your participation and that’s not all! You will have a magical breakfast in the wild and pop a bottle of champagne before you end the activity to drive back to lodge.

You may choose to go back to the lodge to rest and have a hot lunch and much later continue on a game drive for a closer view of the land animals and later in the evening connect to have a cruise on the Nile to the bottom of the world’s most powerful waterfalls.

If you choose to stay at the hotel after the balloon safari, you may spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing or take a swim or even nap and then later wake up for a cup of coffee ahead of your evening game drive.

An evening game drive is a chance to spot the nocturnal animals as they come out for their night hunt. Incase you missed some earlier in the day, your chances could get better with this evening game drive.

On a day of clear weather and good luck, your day on the African safari should play out almost or exactly like this.

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