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Where to go on a Kampala city tour

A Kampala city tour is the great sightseeing tour that is offered to the tourists with an aim to give them a general feeling and the all overview of the Uganda’s history, the way of living of the native people of Kampala Uganda; that is Baganda who are still the inhabitants of Kampala. Connect to the most popular historical sites, the National museum, on a tour of Kampala Uganda, the visitors are fulfilled with the best attractions that are located and situated within the city.

Attractions on a Kampala city tour.

Tourists on a Kampala city tour can be explored with the main attractions that are located in Kampala, which gives the tourists the best memories on their tour in the city as they include the following,

Uganda National Museum.

Uganda National Museum is a stop over point to the tourists who carry out the Kampala city tour and that is, the museum which is the oldest museum in East Africa, established in 1908, the museum displays the Uganda’s cultural heritage and that’s where a tourist can see the ethnological and the natural historical exhibitions and as well vivid reminder of the country’s colourful past. The museum as well features a collection of the traditional musical instruments, which are free to play and you can enjoy.

Kasibu Tombs.

The Kasibu Tombs are a world heritage site, it was established in 1882 and well recognised as a place for the Kabaka Muteesa 1.The site is a very important spiritual site for the Baganda, the traditional and cultural practices are performed from here. It’s the most active spiritual place in Buganda since it is where the major rituals of the Kingdom are regularly done, and it’s a burial place for the kings and the royal family members of Buganda. Kasibu Tombs is an interesting place to visit during your Kampala city tour in Uganda.

Uganda Martyrs Shrine Namugongo.

Uganda Martyrs shrine is a master piece that was constructed as a dedication to the Uganda Martyrs who died in their faith for disobeying the King’s orders to denounce their Christian faith. The Uganda Martyrs Shrine Namugongo is one of the largest Christian pilgrim safari destinations in Africa, the shrine is so important because the Ugandans are honoring their pre-Christian heritage of the spirituality and ancestry.

Kampala central mosque.

Kampala central mosque is a popularly known as the Uganda National Mosque and it is the biggest mosque in Uganda that accommodates over 15,000 people. It’s made from the architecture that is influenced by the eastern as well as western styles. The mosque was built in 2007 and it is well known as the religious place as well as the famous tourist attractions to various visitors especially on their Kampala city tour. People of all the religions and nationalities are welcomed to visit and pray from the mosque and  its location gives the best panoramic view of the whole city and the city can be viewed from all the corners of the city.

Bahai temple.

Bahai Temple is a house of worship also called the Mashriq l’-Adhkar which acts as a spiritual gathering place open to all the people in the world. The Bahai faith was introduced in Uganda in 1951 and that makes it one of the earliest Bahai communities in Eastern Africa. Being the first Bahai house of worship on the African continent as well as the landmark in Kampala because of its nature settings of the beautiful fruit trees, flowers and the path leading to the dome. Bahai temple is a highlight on the Kampala city tour with a unique architectural design that stands tall in the middle of the green conical dome shape made of the tiny glazed mosaic tiles from Italy, 9 big pillar and 27 smaller pillars which support the temple to stand upright.

Independence monument.

The independence monument is an iconic sculpture and landmark that portrays the centre where Uganda received her independence 60 years ago on the 9th October 1962. The elevated monument signifies a new born country that has been set free. The independence monument stands at 6 meters and it’s a must see if you are travelling to Kampala. This is one of the most distinctive landmarks of Uganda. The monument depicts a man unwrapping a child and raising the child to touch the sky of which the sculpture signifies a new born country set free from colonialism and bondages. This is the most great monument that one should not miss out during the Kampala city tour.

Ndere cultural centre.

The Ndere cultural centre is a home of cultures, Ndere center is known as the headquarters of the Uganda Development Theatre Association built on the 9 acres. It is Uganda’s cultural microcosm and it has got the amazing cultural songs, dances and the unique instruments from the 56 tribes in Uganda and that should not be missed by the tourists on the Kampala city tour. It will surely leave them with humorously informative stories which are presented in an authentic way, which should not be missed. It is the best way to introduce to the international guests the African culture and ways of life.

Namirembe Cathedral.

Namirembe cathedral is the oldest cathedral in Uganda, it serves as the provincial cathedral of the Anglican church of Uganda and the diocesan cathedral for Namirembe diocese. It was the first diocese to be founded in the Church of Uganda, province in 1890 and its situated on the Namirembe/ Mengo hill which is one of the major hills of Kampala city which rises out of the Kampala sight.

Kabaka’s Palace.

Kabaka’s palace is the ‘’’king’s palace’’ in the local name Twekobe which means  working together is one of the most famous sites in the history of Buganda, it happens to be the royal home of the Kabaka that is the King of Buganda, it is situated in Mengo a suburb of the Kampala’s city Uganda’s largest capital city.

Kabaka’s lake.

Kabaka’s lake is the Africa’s dug out lake and the largest man-made lake in Uganda, the lake is situated about 5 kilometers from Kampala Capital City in the Ndeera area between the Ring Round and Nabunya Road. Visiting the Kabaka’s lake is a great activity to do while on a Kampala city tour with the help of the local knowledge guide as that way you will enjoy the interesting history of the lake.

Nakasero market.

Nakasero market is a local market in Kampala, Uganda located at the foot of Nakasero hill which sells fresh food, textiles, shoes and many others. Nakasero market has served as one of Kampala’s main trade spot since 1895. It’s such a vibrant and often chaotic market that offers insight into local life and serves as a supplier to the embassies and elite hotels that surround it. The fresh produce can be purchased by everyone in the large outdoor section, while indoor portion deals in the machinery, clothes, souvenirs and among others.

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