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The Best Family Safari Destinations in East Africa

The best Family safari in Africa, which is viewing of the Big Five mammals by game drive safari is open to children of all age groups unlike gorilla trekking that are done only by people above the age of 15. Travelling with children in tropical East Africa feels more safer today in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania chosen for their great combination of wildlife, friendly people and diverse cultures. In time since these states achieved their political independence, there has been a rise of forward-thinking urban areas among other small towns where you can get almost anything whilst staying connected on internet in remote areas. The mountains and areas around the Great Lakes Region of Africa malaria is common, and although its control has improved at local level health centres, prevention is better than cure – ensure to sleep under a treated mosquito net. you’re going to spend a lot of time outdoors or even stay late night at safari lodge campfires. The family safari packing list therefore and for those travelling with their loved ones must seek out knowledge on every major aspect as far as staying safe on safari is concerned on a personal level. The travel tips and advice for travelling with children in any country of choice are just a call away with our East Africa safari experts – at Mantis Africa Safaris. You should probably make a list of your top priorities together for a trip is as good as knowing what to in case of an emergency.

Travel tip for traveling with children in East Africa

Accommodation with the modern amenities and the concept of family room is available in many types. Most trips start in the main urban cities and much time is spent travelling around the protected areas. Getting around by road transport is done in custom-made safari vehicles with AC and mini refrigerator which are meant to keep it cool when driving in the hot sun. Road transport is great way to see the rural Africa whilst travelling through villages but it might not be the most convenient – anticipate sitting long hours in a car.  We recommend travelling by air through use of helicopters and light aircrafts with carrying capacity of 3 to 15 people. The cross-country travel transfers are often quicker way to reach remote national parks such as Kidepo in Uganda, Ruaha and Mahale Mountains in Southern Tanzania. Thus, it’s the travel style and the selected things to do and see that the price of a family safari depends upon.

Malaria free zones do exist in specific destinations located above 2500 meters above sea level in Tanzania and Uganda.


Now Rwanda, with only three ethic tribes which are Twa, Hutu and Tutis, is referred to as the “rising start of Africa” for the pace at which the socioeconomic backgrounds have come since the genocide that lasted 100 days in 1994, and are going. This relatively smaller country is just as densely populated as her neighbours – DR Congo to the west, Uganda to the north-west, Burundi to the south and Tanzania to the east. Just like many developing countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Rwanda is no exception when it comes to dealing with the problems that hinder Africa the most. From achieving peace and reconciliation to improved technology, infrastructure and clean streets of Kigali capital city. Access to services such as paying for public transportation and traffic control is going digital which makes Rwanda is a better and safer country to travel to with children. Regardless of anything that you might have heard about going to places like Karongi and Gisenyi resort towns on the shores of Lake Kivu – the only place with tropical beaches in Rwanda. Going on safari in Rwanda, it’s obvious that the gorillas and game drives in search of Big Five in Akagera National Park are a must do but the experiences that might excite you and your loved ones on safari in Rwanda often come from the unexpected little things such as community visits, visiting a school classroom, workshop, market and not to mention the Kigali Genocide Memorial and several art galleries in Kigali city. the little things count our tour guides know this and eager to show you the Rwanda you dreamt of seeing. “The eyes of an African lie in the hands” they say meaning that you have to first see or touch something to believe it.


The greatest advantage Uganda has is the biodiversity that cuts across industries: wildlife, friendly nature of people, accommodation, food and the ways of living of people of which over 70% live in rural areas. Uganda can accommodate any type of family safari budget and style. Given the diverse nature of Ugandan things, visitors are likely to see different scenes on the road and take part in a lot of activities in every corner of the country, which is most famous for gorilla trekking safaris.

For those intending to travel with children in Uganda, the priority is in getting the logistics of a trip right and be ready for the unexpected. Almost all visitors arrive and depart at Entebbe which is 34 (1-hour drive without traffic) to the “chaotic” Kampala capital city. Then, the 10 national parks and 13 wildlife reserves are located in the countryside therefore getting a tour package or a trusted friend to help you is the best way to sit back and enjoy than trying to explore Uganda on your own. The hotels and safari lodges of medium, deluxe and luxury range provide guests with basic amenities and anything else that children could want can be provided for instance, a family room of personal nature. In Uganda, you’re in charge where value for money is provided.

The main safari activities which are gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tracking are restricted to children below 15 years. So, when traveling with children in Uganda, we recommend to look for alternatives.  Go to Lake Mburo National Park which provides horseback and cycling safaris and bush walks for kids to watch giraffes and zebras go by. The boat cruise safaris and game drives in Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth National Parks offer opportunity to see elephants, buffaloes, hippos while kids of 4 years can go for rhino tracking at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary or watch and play with chimps at Ngamba island in Entebbe.


Traveling with children in Kenya is now easier than never before given that those below 16 years don’t need a visa to enter provided, they have guardians. Kenya has everything you could want out of going on safari to Africa. As the origin land of “Safari” it combines both the traditional and classic safari experience with great wildlife tour guides and hospitality. From the vibrant life in Nairobi capital city, which is the Hub of East Africa to camel riding safaris in the northern hills of Samburu country. The secret of family safaris in Kenya lies in having not to stay on the main tourist trail for the sake to tick off the bucketlist experiences such as Masai Mara Wildebeest Migration but rather going off-the-beaten path such as exploring the rift valley lakes, Masai community visits and the Swahili style accommodation at the beach in Mombasa, Diani beach or Lamu islands at the East African coast of the Indian Ocean.

Kenya wildlife safaris provide some of the best luxury lodges and our experts ensure to book those tented safari camps where you sleep in the midst of sounds and smells of the African bush.


Tanzania is without doubt the best destination for family safaris due to the abundance of wildlife and the tropical beaches of Zanzibar islands, off the mainland in the Indian Ocean. The country is rather large and so a private holiday can be crafted to concentrate in one part with selected places such as the northern Tanzania circuit. It can take two weeks private tour itinerary for instance to see the best of Tanzania wildlife through Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park. Both these parks provide exceptional experiences such as staying at malaria free lodges on top of Ngorongoro crater rim at 2500 meters above sea level, a tour of the Masai villages, hot air balloon safaris, searching for Big Five and watching the wildebeest migration in Serengeti National Park and discovering the oldest human remains at Olduvai Gorge.

Those with enough time for holiday in Tanzania can add the southern circuit parks such as Ruaha with baobab trees and lions, Selous Game Reseve, which offers boat cruise safaris and beds to sleep under the sky and the Gombe Stream National Park home to the chimpanzees. Getting the best out Tanzania safari requires selecting key places of interest which our safari experts can help you to plan your next family safari to Tanzania.

Family Safari

All in all, planning a family safari to East Africa requires selecting out single country or combining multiple countries especially Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda with the East African single tourist visa. Our safari experts are ready to help you make a choice so it doesn’t consume time and resources to plan. Whether you’re traveling with children of less than 1 year old or 3-4 or 5 to 8 years olds, our family safaris cater to all age groups including senior travelers.

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